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By Juan Luis Sánchez · Traslation: Blanca G. Bertolaza
  • Hundreds of concentrations organized in 45 countries for change based on “dignity, direct democracy and proactivity”
  • It does not intend to be just any other demonstration, but to spark off an international social movement
  • Part of the 15M movement admits to some fragmentation and places hopes of reunification on Saturday

15O organizational meeting in Madrid’s Retiro Park (Juan Luis Sánchez)

“When they ask me what we want, I say that we want to spark off an international social change; when they ask me how we are going to do that, I say that creating a new power, citizen power that pressures the other powers to spark off that change”. These are Olmo Gálvez’s words, member of Democracia Real Ya (Real Democracy Now), one of the organizations working for the multilateral, international and unified call for October 15th.

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