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Majo Siscar / Translation: Blanca G. Bertolaza
  • The neighbors of Chachapa have been fighting for 60 years against rigged contracts, pressures and harassment from chieftains and the government which have ripped them off almost 5,000 acres.
  • In this time 13 villagers who fought for their land have been murdered
  • Now, three years after the last expropriation, they have united again to defend what belongs to them

Throughout his life, Cándido Trujillo has seen how Chachapa’s communal land has shrunk due to pressure and harassment. M.S.

Cándido Trujillo lives off and for animals. Now he only has about sixty left including goats, cows, horses and even a donkey. But before he had about 200. There is no land left to herd them. His village, San Salvador Chachapa, which belongs to the township of Amozoc, has lost more than 6,000 acres of communal land since he was young.

“Before I had to buy very little food, just some during the dry season, that was all. But now, since I can’t sow pastures and have less land, it doesn’t add up anymore”, tells Trujillo, resigned. He is one of the few villagers who still live exclusively off the land in his community. Now to defend his way of life he has built himself a small house in one of the few plots of land they have left that is under the threat of expropriation.

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