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Boštjan Videmšek · Photos: Jure Erzen

Traslation: Blanca G. Bertolaza

2008 Helmand, Afganistan.

In 2010, the war in Afghanistan officially became the longest war in U.S history. In November of that same year, the United States passed the mark of spending more time in Afghanistan than the Soviet Union had. At the NATO summit in Lisbon last November, the war was officially extended to at least 2014. At that point, it became clear that for NATO, the war in Afghanistan is not so much about winning as it is about maintaining a military presence for access to natural resources, similar to in Iraq. Al Qaeda may have been overpowered, Osama bin Laden may be dead and the crux of the Afghan trouble can definitely be found in Pakistan, the country that paid the highest price to the global war on terror; but in spite of all that, the international coalition seems unwilling to pull out its troops.

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