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Mónica G. Prieto · (Beirut) / Translation: Blanca G. Bertolaza

  • Local soccer star Sayed Mohamad Adnan, a refugee in Australia out of fear of his regime, is an example of the extent of the repression the Al Khalifa dynasty puts its citizens through

Sayed Mohamed Adnan during a match (AP Photo)

Sayed Mohamad Adnan was the pretty boy of Bahraini sports. The local soccer star made the people and the regime happy: in 79 games he had scored 13 goals for the national team, and in 2009 he had been declared Asian Soccer Player of the Year. But falling from grace in the Al Khalifa dynasty’s dictatorship, in power since 1783, is as easy as asking for freedom. Adnan was kicked out of his team after being accused of putting the athletes against the regime during the February protests. When they started looking for him, he decided to get away from his country to protect his family. “I don’t fear that they might arrest me. My wife and son are happy (here). I feel safe in Australia”.

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